Yes, it is possible within the immigration rule. Study permit is a quasi-residency visa issued to qualify prospective students to come to Canada for purpose of studying a given course in a licensed institution in Canada. Although, a student is ordinarily expected to leave Canada after the study period, but he or she is also entitled to a post study right under the rule.
Colleges and Universities student have the right to work for 20 hours in a week when on a study permit visa. You can as well request your family members to visit you during your study period in Canada.

The journey here commences with securing admission into a licensed institution in Canada. You may be required to meet some conditions after which you will be issued acceptance letter.

You will need to apply for a study permit with your acceptance letter and other support documents. Canada is very careful in issuing of student visas as more than 80% of  overseas students coming to Canada hardly return back to their country of origin.
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A student who has studied in Canada for at least two years reserves the right to apply for any of the following residency route in Canada:

  1. permanent residence,
  2. the Canadian experience class,
  3. the Canadian professional skilled class – Federal skilled Worker, or
  4. Work permit.
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